How do I access treatment at the clinic?

All assessments and treatment are by appointment only. Phone our office to discuss booking schedule and appropriate treatment.

How is my treatment determined?

The physical therapist will do a detailed assessment to determine the nature of your condition and establish a customized program. A block of six to eight sessions is booked following the assessment to reserve sufficient time to address problems.

Will I be expected to provide information?

Yes. When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked to fill out a detailed intake questionnaire including history and nature of your condition. Our privacy of information policy protects your information for our clinic use only.

How should I dress?

The clinic provides gowns, shorts and sheets to protect your privacy. You are welcome to bring your own comfortable clothing if you prefer.

How long is each session?

Plan to be in the clinic one hour for each session. Facial Renewal sessions are 90 minutes.

Where should I park?

Our clinic is located in a house with two hour free street parking.   A three hour handicapped parking spot is available on the street for those with a handicapped permit.

What if I can’t attend a scheduled appointment?

Our cancellation policy requires a minimum of 4hrs notice. No shows are charged a consideration fee up to the value of a treatment.